The 22 Laws of Digital Writing

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There has never been a better time in history to be a writer.

As long as you are a Digital Writer.

In The 22 Laws of Digital Writing, Ship 30 for 30 cofounders Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole explain the new rules to writing, publishing, and sharing knowledge in the digital age.

Rules like “Don’t Start A Blog,” “Skimmability is Readability” and “It’s Only Clickbait If You Fail To Keep Your Promise To The Reader” are just a few of the new rules for modern-day writers.

In this book, you will learn:

• The 22 laws, and why each one is such a mental reframe for Analog writers who want to become Digital writers

• Why, if you’re new to online writing, you shouldn’t start a blog (and where you should be writing instead)

• Formatting techniques for digital readers, such as optimizing for skimmability, using single-sentence paragraphs, and leveraging subheads to organize information

• How to write for niche audiences versus broad audiences, and how to measure success depending on whether you’re optimizing for reach or engagement

• The importance of repeating your core narratives (and how to become known for a niche you own)

• Why word count is a poor measure of value

• And so much more…

Whether you are brand new to digital writing, or have been writing for years but are struggling to transition into the digital world, this is a short book full of timeless advice for writers of all kinds: fiction, nonfiction, creators, and curators.

Live by these laws, and you’ll be more successful than 99% of other writers out there.

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