🛳️ Master the art of online writing.

Writing online is its own language. Which means, in order to succeed, new-age writers need to learn to:

Name & Claim your own niche
Write curiosity-inducing headlines
And position yourself as a leader online
Use formatting to keep readers engaged
Create a differentiated style, voice, and tone
Use data to double-down on what's working

🚀 You've built a daily writing habit. Now what?

Your ship is moving—now it's time to take it somewhere.

Do you want to build a loyal audience of lifetime readers?

Do you want to launch products, sell your expertise, or build a business?

Maybe you want to use writing to clarify your thinking?

Or become a leader in your industry and build a powerful knowledge network?

Writing online, and using data as your guide, is how you accomplish all the above—and more.

🚢 An Overview of Write The Ship

The video below gives an overview of everything we cover in Write The Ship (and itself is a mini-masterclass).

📈 100,000,000 views and counting...

🙋 My name is Nicolas Cole (everyone calls me Cole).

And I am one of the most-read writers on the Internet.

In 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in fiction writing. I was an intern copywriter at an ad agency downtown Chicago. And I didn't have a clue as to how I was going to become a "successful writer."

2 years later, I was the #1 most-read writer on all of Quora, with millions of views on my writing. I had more than 100+ Quora answers syndicated by the largest publications on the Internet including TIME, Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, Harvard Business Review, and more. And I went on to become one of Inc Magazine's Top 10 contributing writers, bringing in 250,000 page views for the publication - every single month.

By the time I was 27 years old, I had quit my 9-5 job and built a 7-figure ghostwriting business, called Digital Press. Since then, I have published more than 3,000 articles on the Internet. I have ghostwritten for hundreds of CEOs, startup founders, Silicon Valley investors, Grammy-winning musicians, Olympic athletes, and NYT best-selling authors. And after nearly a decade of learning the most effective ways to write and distribute my ideas in the digital age, I wrote a book called The Art & Business of Online Writing.

How did I achieve all the above?

By letting go of the "old" way of writing, and becoming a data-driven writer.

🚢 The new way of writing is online.

"You can't steer a stationary ship."

The old way of writing went something like this:

1. Come up with an idea.
2. Work on that idea for a few months, or even a few years.
3. Submit that idea to magazines, newspapers, and publishers, or post it on your blog.
4. Wait for someone to see it. Wait some more. Keep waiting.
5. Most likely face rejection. Not really learn why.
6. Repeat.

But today, in the digital age, there is a new way to go about writing:

And it allows you to move 10x faster.
As soon as I graduated from college, I challenged myself to start writing every single day on the Internet. Since then, I have been following the exact same framework for writing and publishing that has cured me of Writer's Block, removed pressure, unlocked real-time creativity, and allowed me to learn what it is readers truly want to hear about from me.

It goes like this:

1. Come up with an idea
2. Work through that idea
3. Publish the idea
4. Gather feedback in the form of data
5. Use that data to inform what I write about next
6. Repeat.

This is how the most successful writers today are engineering their own success.

Approaching writing as a real-time relationship with your readers is the secret to becoming a voice worth listening to and building a loyal audience in the digital age. The days of working on your book, story, or article for months or even years on end, in private, hidden away from the world are over. The best-selling, most-read writers today are Practicing In Public, beta-testing their ideas out in the open, and then doubling down on the ones that get traction.

They are using data to inform their decisions.

As a result, they move 10x faster than everyone else.

🧭 "But I already know what I want to write about."

No, you don't.

Every single writer begins the journey of writing by making an assumption (and it's a big one). They "assume" they know what topics are going to resonate the best with readers. They "assume" they know which styles, formats, and frameworks are best for communicating their ideas. And because they feel so confident in these assumptions, they spend months or even years writing and publishing work that never gets read—usually on their blog.

It's not your fault. Nobody explained this to me either.

The day I started gaining traction on my writing was the day I stopped listening to my assumptions and started paying attention to the data. I made a deliberate decisions to pay close attention to what my readers were trying to tell me. Instead of waking up every day writing about whatever my heart desired, I started spending 5-10 minutes looking for trends in how my articles had performed online. For example, when I was 24 years old, I "assumed" people wanted to hear about my thoughts on marketing, or bodybuilding (two of my big interests at the time). It wasn't until I started paying attention to the data that I realized how wrong my assumptions had been. All my highest-performing articles weren't about marketing or bodybuilding. They were about online writing, and life. And the more I doubled-down on those two topics, the more views, followers, sales, and opportunities kept climbing up...up....up...

Becoming a successful writer is easy—if you listen to your readers.

There has never been a better time in history to be a writer.

But if you don't listen to your readers, you have a long road ahead of you.

If you're open to listening however, if you're willing to let go of your assumptions and approach writing online as a process of discovering what's working and what's not, then you have the wind at your back. Your readers will tell you what they want more of. All you have to do is answer their questions.

📊 How to use data to become a successful writer online.

Write The Ship is a 4-week Live Cohort program walking writers through exactly how to use data to write creative content that resonates, build a meaningful audience, attract the attention of industry peers and leaders, and become an impactful voice in your corner of the Creator Economy.

This is the exact process I have been using for the past 8 years with my own writing, and is how I have accumulated more than 100,000,000 views on my work.

By the end of Write The Ship, you will have everything you need in order to successfully sail forward on your journey as a writer.

Here's what we'll cover 👇 👇 👇

Live Cohort Agenda

🛑 Live Cohort Agenda

In order to become a data-driven writer, you need to be writing and publishing on social platforms. In this session, we will break down why blogging is no longer an effective way to get started writing online, and what the other more effective platforms are to gather feedback and data from your readers.

💻 The Art of Online Writing

All effective online writing follows a handful of rules. In this session, we will break down the 8 types of articles that perform best on the Internet, how to write headlines people can't help but to click on and read, and the pacing rhythms you can use to capture and keep your reader's attention from beginning to end.

🚢 Your Content Roadmap

You already have a Daily Writing Habit. You are actively gathering data and paying attention to engagement metrics. Now, it's time to make sure you never run out of ideas. In this session, you will choose 3 Content Buckets and create a Content Roadmap with 6 months worth of topics—all based on your highest-performing topics.

🔥 Writing Data Flywheel

Consistently writing & publishing online is what spins your Writing Data Flywheel. And the data you receive is what tells you about your readers, what they want, and what you should write next. This session is 100% dedicated to examining and interpreting the data you collect as a writer, and learning how to make data-driven creative decisions.

🎤 Creating Your Voice

You don't "find" your voice as a writer. You create it, in real-time, by looking at engagement metrics and learning what aspects of your voice are resonating best with readers. In this session, writers will learn how to make creative decisions based on the performance of their writing.

🎡 Write Once, Publish Twice

This is the Ultimate Online Writing Republishing Framework. In this session, we will walk through how to build a Timeless Library of Content, as well as a proven step-by-step process for republishing your writing online across various platforms such as Quora, Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

🌳 Create A Category Of 1

Don't compete, create! One of the biggest mistakes writers make is they unknowingly compete in someone else's category instead of creating a category of their own. In this session, you will learn how to Name & Claim your niche—and differentiate your writing from everyone else's.

🏆 Expert Positioning

Once you've learned (through data) what it is readers want to hear from you most, and begun building your Library of Content, it's time to position yourself for success in the Creator Economy. In this session, we will walk through all the subtle strategies "experts" use to position themselves as leaders on the internet—so that you can do the same.

🛳️ Write The Ship Sets Sail July 6th, 2021 🛳️

Enrollment closes June 21st, and enrollment will be capped at 30 members.

To secure your spot, choose a ship package below!

Calendar (For Upcoming Cohort)

The next cohort of Write The Ship sets sail July 6th, 2021. All live sessions are 90 minutes and power-hour workshop sessions are 60 minutes. Each week, Ship Captains (that's you) will receive two module videos that coincide with that week's live sessions—where we will dig into specific examples, workshop student homework, and answer individual questions.

Session 1: Do Not Start A Blog (90 min)
Tuesday, July 6th, 2021 -- 8:00 am PST

Session 2: The Art of Online Writing (90 min)
Thursday, July 8th, 2021 -- 8:00 am PST

Power-Hour Workshop (60 min)
Friday, July 9th, 2021 -- Noon PST

Session 3: Your Content Roadmap (90 min)
Tuesday, July 13th, 2021 -- 8:00 am PST

Session 4: Writing Data Flywheel (90 min)
Thursday, July 15th, 2021 -- 8:00 am PST

Power-Hour Workshop (60 min)
Friday, July 16th, 2021 -- Noon PST

Session 5: Creating Your Voice (90 min)
Tuesday, July 20th 2021 -- 8:00 am PST

Session 6: Write Once, Publish Twice (90 min)
Thursday, July 22nd, 2021 -- 8:00 am PST

Power-Hour Workshop (60 min)
Friday, July 24th, 2021 -- Noon PST

Session 7: Create A Category Of 1 (90 min)
Tuesday, July 27th, 2021 -- 8:00 am PST

Session 8: Expert Positioning (90 min)
Thursday, July 29th 2021 -- 8:00 am PST

Graduation Call (60 min)
Friday, July 30th 2021 -- Noon PST

🎉 By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have...

1. A whole new perspective of what it means to be a writer in the digital age. You will no longer sit there wondering what to write about, or whether your writing is "good enough." You will be free from the constraints of writing by yourself, and learn to love Practicing In Public.

2. Dozens of templates, proven formats, and frameworks for writing high-performing stories and actionable advice on the Internet. If you're ever feeling stuck, you can always come back to these templates to help you get started and remember what you're really trying to accomplish in each and every piece—whether it's a long-form article or a Tweet.

3. Your own 6-month Content Roadmap. This custom document will  give you direction on what to write about moving forward, and how to learn (over time) which types of articles and stories are performing best—so that you can double-down on what's working. This document is also intended to be a template for yourself, which you can re-use every 6 months, year after year.

4. Your own Data Writing Dashboard. Paired with your Content Roadmap, you will also be receiving a dashboard template allowing you to track the performance of your articles and stories over time, easily spot trends, and start making creative decisions in real-time. This Data Writing Dashboard is intended to be used in tandem with your Content Roadmap.

5. A framework for Naming & Claiming your own category. Writers evolve over time, so the goal of Write The Ship is not to Name & Claim one category for yourself and then never change that category ever again. By the end of this Live Cohort, you will learn which levers you can push and pull to create a category for yourself—so you can continue to innovate and successfully pivot your writing for the rest of your career.

🎉 By the end of the 4 weeks, you will have...

🧠 Endless Idea Generator

Use the Endless Idea Generator to leverage 100+ content types to inspire your next great idea.

⚡ Proven Headline Formats

Big Numbers, Things That Shouldn't Go Together, Question/Answer, "This Just Happened," and dozens more proven headline formats.

✅ Personal Brand Checklist

A complete walkthrough guide of everything you can do to present yourself as an "expert" and industry leader online.

📝 The Ultimate Online Writing Republishing Framework

A step-by-step guide for taking anything you write on the internet and natively publishing it across a wide variety of platforms.


At the start of Write The Ship, Ship Captains (that's you) will be granted access to your cohort's private community. This community is hosted on the platform Circle, and will be where materials, resources, live session and workshop recordings, and follow-up discussions are shared. You are encouraged to jump in and help your fellow cohort members where you see opportunities to do so, however participation is not required.

The goal of the community is to be surrounded by other actively writing writers, provide feedback and encouragement when you feel so inspired, and most of all, connect with other likeminded creators.

Individual Feedback

All throughout the Live Cohort, I will be available to answer follow-up questions and provide clarification on anything we cover along the way. The only "rule" here is that questions must be posted to the Circle community so that other cohort members can benefit from the answers being shared. It is also encouraged that questions remain within the context of the cohort agenda and not delve into other topic areas. (For example: we will not be covering topics like business models, self-publishing, book publishing, etc. in this live cohort.)

🚢 Already a Ship 30 for 30 member?

If you are already a Ship 30 for 30 member, or if you have participated in a previous cohort, you can roll your Ship 30 for 30 investment into Write The Ship!

If you have not been provided with a code yet and would like to roll into Write The Ship, shoot us an email and we will create a code for you: hello@ship30for30.com

Choose Your Ship

Async Course

⛵ Sailboat

Prerecorded Video Course (Included In Ship 30 for 30 Membership)

*Does not include live sessions.*

This is the async version of Write The Ship, which is included in the Ship 30 for 30 Membership area. You will receive access to all the lesson videos and course materials. And if you would ever like to upgrade to a live cohort, you can roll your investment into either the Speedboat or Yacht package.

💻 8 module curriculum with homework assignments (total course time: 8 hours)

🎬 Lifetime access to course videos

📚 Lifetime access to all Write The Ship written materials

🚀 Lifetime ability to upgrade to WTS Live.

Available immediately inside the Ship 30 for 30 Membership area!


🚤 Speedboat

Live Cohort

Live cohort. This includes both videos and live sessions. This is the live version of Write The Ship. This package is for writers who currently have a Daily Writing Habit and are ready to master the art of writing online, and learn how to use data to 10x their growth and audience building.

💻 8 module curriculum with homework

🎥 8 live workshop sessions with examples, walkthroughs, and Q&A sessions for students

✍️ Access to Friday Power-Hour Workshops (60 min) + workshop recordings

📝 Content Roadmap feedback provided on community cohort Circle

🌳 Category Creation feedback provided on community cohort Circle

🏆 Expert Positioning & Bio feedback provided on community cohort Circle

🎬 Lifetime access to session recordings

⭕️ Lifetime access to our private online discussion forum + community

📚 Lifetime access to all Write The Ship written materials

Plus, you'll receive one FREE YEAR of the Ship 30 for 30 Alumni Member Ship

Live cohort sets sail July 6th, 2021!

Consistent Ship 30 for 30 members receive $250 off (reach out to Cole and Dickie for your code) 

Individual Attention

🛳️ Yacht

Live Cohort + Individual Feedback

Live cohort + individual feedback. This includes both videos and live sessions. This is the deluxe live version of Write The Ship. This package is for long-term committed writers who would like to participate in multiple Write The Ship cohorts and receive individual feedback on their writing & niche.

💻 8 module curriculum with homework

🎥 8 live workshop sessions with examples, walkthroughs, and Q&A sessions for students

✍️ Access to Friday Power-Hour Workshops (60 min) + workshop recordings

📝 Content Roadmap feedback provided on community cohort Circle

🌳 Category Creation feedback provided on community cohort Circle

🏆 Expert Positioning & Bio feedback provided on community cohort Circle

🎬 Lifetime access to session recordings

⭕️ Lifetime access to our private online discussion forum + community

📚 Lifetime access to all Write The Ship written materials

🚀 Private 1:1 Category Creation Strategy Session + Naming & Claiming your niche (60 min)

🛳️ 1-year Unlimited Access to future Write The Ship live cohorts

Plus, you'll receive one FREE YEAR of the Ship 30 for 30 Alumni Member Ship

Consistent Ship 30 for 30 members receive $250 off (reach out to Cole and Dickie for your code) 

🙌 Who Is This Course For?

1. All beginner, advanced, and expert-level writers are welcome to join Write The Ship. That said, we strongly encourage you to already be actively writing & publishing on the Internet so that you can get the most out of this 4-week Live Cohort. If you're not quite there yet, the best place to start building your Daily Writing Habit and collecting data on your writing is by joining Ship 30 for 30 for at least a month and then joining Write The Ship.

2. Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Content Writers, Technologists, etc. Writing is the highest leverage skill you could possibly acquire in the digital age. Whether you are a business owner, solopreneur, consultant, software developer, social media manager, or the CMO of a publicly traded company, the strategies and frameworks shared in Write The Ship can be applied to any and every aspect of your career. These principles will help you write high-performing marketing copy, written assets like whitepapers and newsletters, and even help you clarify your brand message and how you communicate what it is you "do" with the world.

3. Data-driven creatives. If you are someone who loves being creative but struggles with the constant ambiguity around what "being creative" actually means, this data-driven approach to writing is going to change your life. You're going to go from sitting in your room or your office, staring at the wall, wondering what on earth you should write about and whether it's going to be any good, to KNOWING what you should write about and having the confidence (and proof!) you're moving in the right direction.

👎 Who Is This Course NOT For?

Write The Ship is a new way of being creative and writing on the Internet, so if you've made it this far down the page and still aren't convinced data is the secret to never-ending creativity and high-performing online writing, then this probably isn't the right fit—for either of us.

1. Absolute beginner writers. If you have never written anything on the Internet before, you should join the next cohort of Ship 30 for 30 and start there. Ship 30 for 30 is the writing challenge that gives writers the tools they'll need in order to be successful writing online, as well as the foundational habits required to be successful over the long term. Once you've gone through at least one month of daily writing with Ship 30 for 30, then you'll be ready to tackle Write The Ship.

2. "Blind creatives." If you are someone who believes creativity only happens if you stare out a window whilst wearing a chapeau and smoking a cigarette, then you're going to have a hard time internalizing the strategies and frameworks in this course. Here at Write The Ship, we push writers not to *wait for inspiration* but to Practice In Public and make creative decisions in real-time. If that sounds like the antithesis to what "real literature" is all about, then we encourage you to quickly get off this webpage and go back to staring out the window (lest you miss The Great Inspiration flying right past you).

3. Devout Bloggers. If you believe blogging is the best place to write and publish content on the Internet and you have zero intentions of allowing that belief to change, save yourself some time (and money $$$) and do not enroll. This course is going to frustrate you to no end, and to be blunt, it's going to frustrate me to no end as well. That said, if you are a Devout Blogger but are open to changing religions, we would love to have you.

🎉 Want to know what the experience is like?

Write The Ship community members love sharing their experiences participating in the cohort—because of the massive growth they see in their online writing.

Check out some of the recent graduates below!

Ship Captain Jerine

Jerine joined Write The Ship because she wasn't sure how to "stand out" online, and wanted to learn how to create her own category as a writer. By the end of the cohort, she had successfully refined her niche to "Multipassionate Creators," and immediately started gaining traction with her writing on Twitter and Medium.

Ship Captain Mariko

Mariko was new to the world of online writing, but right after joining Ship 30 for 30 decided she wanted to jump ahead to Write The Ship. Just listen to what she had to say about the curriculum!

🚢 Write The Ship FAQ

If you have additional questions, please check out our FAQs page for answers.

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