3 Niche Myths: Why There's No Such Thing As Too Niche

Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole

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One of the biggest misconceptions that writers & creators have is that being too specific is "too small."

Most creators are afraid to niche down because they want to make something for everyone (to maximize readers, downloads, clicks, $$$, etc). 

And they avoid creating their first Digital Product because they falsely believe these 3 myths:

  • “My audience isn’t big enough yet.”
  • “Once I pick a niche, I can’t ever change it.”
  • “I can’t launch a product because I’m not an expert.”

But these myths are wrong!

And not only are they wrong, but they are keeping you from turning “what you know” into a $100,000 asset that will generate dividends for you over the next decade.

Let’s break it down.

Myth #1: "My audience isn't big enough yet."

Most creators want to wait until their niche is “big enough” before deciding what their niche is–they want a sure bet that holds the promise of no loss in time or money, as if the size of the audience guarantees no risk.

So when is enough, enough?

  • When you have 1,000 followers?
  • When you have 10,000 followers?
  • When you have 100,000 followers?

The truth is, there's no magic number. And there's no way of telling whether or not your niche is going to be successful until after you've already started creating for it.

Take 5 minutes and go browse the newsletters on Substack.  Pick any topic and scan for the newsletters that have paid subscribers. Then look at the niche topic and ask yourself, “is this too small?”

Check out this 5-level-deep niche with thousands of PAID subscribers!

Sports → Football → Professional Football → Kansas City Chiefs → Game Film

Niches don't have to be big; they just need to be specific. The smaller and more focused your niche is, the easier it will be for you to find people who will love what you're doing.

So, should you wait to decide what your niche is going to be?

No. If anything, you are incentivized to plant your flag in the ground and Name & Claim some sort of niche (literally anything), now.

And if you want to change your niche later, you can!

Myth #2: "I don't feel comfortable Naming & Claiming a niche because I'm not an expert in anything."

No matter who you are, you are an "expert" in something.

The mistake people make is thinking that being an expert is something to be achieved. Like you become an expert “once” you write the definitive book on mindfulness.  Or “once” you make your first million and get interviewed by Tim Ferris.

But the truth is, you know things today you didn't know 2 years ago. 

  • Or 1 year ago
  • Or 6 months ago
  • Or even 6 days ago

Which (drumroll please) makes YOU a Niche Expert.

You're already an "expert" in solving the problems you used to have. There are hundreds of thousands of people on the same journey as you, just a few months behind. And the thing to remember here is that you can teach people about the journey you’ve been on.  You did the hard work. You overcame your own obstacles.  Which means, to someone standing in your shoes 2-years-ago, you are "a Niche Expert." 

The key is to pinpoint what questions you used to have (in any space, field, or topic area), that you no longer have because you went on the journey to discover the answers for yourself. 

Look at top LinkedIn creator, Ali Merchant.

Notice how he leverages his “past experience” as a manager to help others become a leader. He takes what he learned, observed, and experienced on his journey and serves that up in relevant and helpful posts for his audience.

He helped someone else do what he did.

He packaged the information up.

And voila: he sells it!

So, what questions or problems did you used to have, that you no longer have anymore because you solved them?  

There’s a $100,000+ digital product in your answer.

Myth #3: "Once I pick a niche, I can't ever change it."

Most creators think choosing a niche is like a marriage–find the one you love and then ‘til death do you part, stuck together for life.

Choosing a niche is actually more like dating. It’s a skill.

  • You're learning who you are as a creator (mate)
  • You're getting to know different topics (people), finding what works
  • You’re learning that dating requires mutual interests and compatibility 

You get to choose if you want to go on a second date. Even if your date loves you and what you have to offer, that doesn’t mean you have to love them too.  

You can date someone else ANY time you want. And the same is true for your niche.

However, after a year or so of creating, and with significantly more clarity around what your audience want & what you enjoy, we suggest you pick 1 specific topic within your category and go all-in.

Look at Cole’s journey as a writer.  He “dated” writing for years, but also spent time with bodybuilding, creativity, self-development, and marketing. 

As his library of content began to grow, and he gathered more data, and learned what was resonating with most of his readers, he chose to double-down on writing.  But it was his choice to stick with that niche over time.

It’s your choice too.  

Now get out there and start asking some niches on a date!

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