5 “Deep Work” Playlists To Help You Get More Done In An Hour Than Most People Get Done In A Month

Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole

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Ahoy and happy Monday!

Welcome to another week of Start Writing Online—where every week we dive into 1 of the 10 biggest problems all writers face:

  • Distractions
  • Over-editing
  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination
  • Self-confidence
  • Generating ideas
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Writing consistently
  • Finding time to write
  • Loose feedback loops

(And, of course, if you want to crush all 10 of these AND master the fundamentals of Digital Writing in just 30 days, we'd love to have you in the next cohort of Ship 30 for 30!)

This week, we want to help you dial in your writing focus and get some deep work done.

The best writers are distraction avoiders.

The problem is distractions are everywhere—text messages, news feeds, taking out the trash, calling your mom, etc. Oddly enough, writers love them. It's the easiest way to postpone doing the thing that needs to be done, which is sit down and write.

You need a strategy.

Or before you know it, you'll be days down in a "Breaking Bad" Netflix marathon, while your cursor furiously blinks awaiting your return.

Tune Out The Never-Ending Zings, Dings, And Taps With One Of These 5 “Deep Work” Playlists

According to a study by the Stanford University School of Medicine, music moves the brain to pay attention.

Having music or sounds that flow in a predictable, steady pattern can give you a rhythm to work to and make writing feel less daunting. Plus a familiar playlist can signal to your brain that it's time to settle in and focus. And over time, just hitting play might be enough to get your creative juices flowing!

These playlists have helped Dickie write every morning for 500+ days in a row.

And they cover 5 different genres (so there's something for everyone).

Let's dive in!

Playlist #1: Relaxing beats of a coffee shop

Lo-fi beats playlist

Put your mind at ease with the relaxing and rhythmic beats of this lo-fi playlist.

  • Write a deep-dive newsletter.
  • Edit your LinkedIn about page.
  • Describe the details of your next product.

It’s an excellent choice for background music.

Playlist #2: Peaceful piano for reading and writing

Piano playlist

Looking to improve your connection to your audience? Hit play on the “Focus Piano” playlist.

  • Respond to customer emails.
  • Dig into a reflective Medium story.
  • Write a heartfelt customer success stories.

These soothing sounds will get you relaxed and in a reflective mood.

Playlist #3: Ambient vibes that feels like you're floating through space

Ambient playlist

Ambient music can be an acquired taste, and it may take time to see the benefits. Don't expect to see an instant productivity boost here. But the wait is worth it.

Slap this playlist on when you need to do some detailed, descriptive writing.

Playlist #4: Discover your deepest thoughts with the power of brown noise

Brown noise playlist

Pull out this playlist when you are ready for some intense focus.

  • Proofread a long written work.
  • Meet tight content publishing deadlines.
  • Knock out your next 3-day email campaign.

Brown noise is excellent for masking distractions.

But if the environment is already quiet, it might be an unnecessary play.

Playlist #5: Uptempo house for those projects that need a little extra juice

House playlist

This playlist brings a never-ending steam of energy.

Perfect for:

After listening to this playlist your mood will be on 10!


That's it—plenty here to get you focused and into a flow state on demand.

Chat next week!

–Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole

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