How Captain’s Table Changed The Way I Create Content, Think About My Niche, And Launch Digital Products Forever

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In August 2022, I joined Ship 30 for 30 because I had struggled for years, trying to build an online business.

I’d had small successes with eBooks and online course sales. But every small success was just a one-off event. There was no system. There was no framework. It wasn’t sustainable and it wasn’t a business.

In the first 3 weeks of that first cohort, everything changed.

I committed to the Ship 30 system and had a rule that I couldn’t overthink or over-plan (two areas that I knew were major “self-sabotage” problems for me.) Within those first few weeks, I had:

  • Established a daily writing habit
  • Clarified my target audience
  • Made friends along the way

As a result, my Twitter following doubled, from about 800 followers to more than 1,600 followers. This was absolutely mindblowing to me because I had STRUGGLED for years just to get the 800. I also added about 500 subscribers to my email list, which had been struggling for years as well.

Because I had a lot of success in Ship 30 for 30, I was very interested in upgrading to Captain’s Table. Although it was a significant investment, I knew that it was going to be high-quality content that would bring me to the next level.

I took the plunge in October and joined Captain’s Table. I was somewhat on the fence, but the built-in guarantees and payment plan really made it a no-brainer for me in the end.

Inside Captain’s Table, the frameworks that helped me the most immediately were Become Known For a Niche You Own and 10K Newsletter Accelerator.

Through BKFANYO I learned that picking a niche really isn’t all that hard. I just had to help one type of person solve one specific problem right now. I can pick a different type of person or a different specific problem in the future. It’s not a “marriage” decision.

This relieved the stress and pressure of picking the “right” niche.

In 10KNA my newsletter really took off. Before that module, I had a really old and dormant subscriber list and about a 10% conversion rate on my newsletter landing page. After 10KNA, I now have a 46% conversion rate and I’m adding about 300 subscribers each month.

Before Captain’s Table, I was lucky to get 5 a month!

Another game-changer framework for me in Captain’s Table is the 10 Problems Framework. It helped me come up with 10 chapters for my eBook, and I’ve sold nearly $800 in the first 3 months since it launched.

The next steps for me are to continue applying the lessons I’ve learned in Captain’s Table to create more useful ultimate guides and online courses to help data analysts earn more in their careers, side hustles, and freelancing gigs.

Without Captain’s Table, this wouldn’t be possible for me. I’d tried to do it alone for years and was constantly spinning my wheels and stuck in a rut. If you are looking to level up your digital writing game, then Captain’s Table is for you!

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