How I Leveraged the Captain's Table for Self-Growth and Earning More Money

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I'm Tracy.

Have you noticed a change in you since you've been writing daily-ish?

My first two Ship 30 cohorts in February and March of 2021 helped me compile enough material to write an ebook from July 28 to August 16, 2021.

That's 19 days if you're like me and have trouble with math!

So far, I've earned $971.

Joining the Captain's Table has been a no-brainer.

One of my favorite experiences in the Captain's Table is a one-two punch.

🥊 ONE: Captain's Table Challenges

Each challenge provides step-by-step instructions for dialing in your category, spinning up a newsletter, audience-building, and more.

The instruction is steeped in data. As Dickie and Cole learn more about digital writing, they update the materials.

When a participant gets stuck on a challenge, you can ask questions, get help, or recharge batteries with a crew member’s encouragement. Each challenge has its own forum.  Participants have either been where you are or are right where you are.  It's the perfect place to ask for help!

🥊 TWO: Weekly Mastermind Calls

While CT Challenges are backed by research, mastermind sessions are for hot seat coaching and asking questions as Cole and Dickie demonstrate their latest digital writing experiments.

In a subsequent call, we will see the results of their online writing experiments!

The one-two punch gives Captain's Table members a tour of the boiler room, plus the CT bells and whistles.

Captain’s Table: Internalizing Knowledge

I have participated in every cohort since February 12, 2021. Only in the past few weeks have I finally internalized a concept I thought I believed.

This is not an indictment of the teaching materials.

It’s all about the relationship between technical aspects of digital writing and the emotional barriers writers like me must recognize, then claw our way over – with help from our fellow shippers.

What I’ve learned is to double down on engagements and interactions. That's where my people are! They're telling me what resonates with them.

In 2023, I'm ignoring the number of views a particular piece of content received. Instead, I write about topics that receive high engagement or result in terrific conversations and questions.

Already my category is revealing itself -- after two years of frustration!

Ghostwriting is a Blast!

Thirteen months into my Captain's Table journey, a friend reached out to me on Twitter and asked if I would be interested in ghostwriting.

When we hopped on a call, he shared that he's been watching my atomic essays improve! My friend said I was ready for prime time!

Since last April, I have written emails for clients with >30k subscribers!

The income is terrific. Almost as terrific is the feeling I got when my longtime content creator friend called me up to the Big Show.

Captain’s Table: My 2023 Program

During the next six months or so, I'm looking forward to doubling down on content in my category, which is: Teaching Purposeful Self-Reflection Methods for Digital Thinkers.

I'm collecting data by remixing topics that have worked well for me since my first Ship 30 in February 2021.

A Final Word

Hey, thank you for reading my story!

I leave you with a final word about the question I asked you in the first sentence of this essay.

Have you noticed a change in you since you've been writing daily-ish?

Let the question linger.

If you have noticed you are thinking more clearly, experiencing reduced anxiety, or kicking imposter syndrome to the curb, please keep writing.

In community.

Here’s why: A daily writing habit is as much about self-growth as it is a money-making venture.

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