How Ship 30 Helped Me Clarify My Thinking, Find an Audience and Find My Niche

Tobi Emonts-Holley

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At the start of 2021 I had a call with my coach and I confessed to him that I was in a rut.

My family was healthy and well, work was challenging and interesting, but that was my world. Family and work. I was longing to channel my creative side, meet new interesting people and make new friends.

But I was working from home, no one was traveling and I did not know how to meet even one of these desires, never mind all three.

Then I discovered writing online. The promises made were high, but I remained skeptical.

Ship30 utilised a platform I thought was outdated and just full of politicians and trolls. And who would want to read my stuff and what should I write about anyway?

For some reason I ended up heading back to the landing page and I also went on Twitter to find out what people that had signed up for Ship 30 were writing about.

I was blown away! There was a group of intellectuals out there who wrote about the widest variety of topics. I could not stop reading those atomic essays. I learned about history, personal development, marketing, health, web3, and so much more.

But the essays are not the main reason I was drawn to Ship 30.

It was the community.

People just seemed so friendly, supportive and sharing. And after having spent many months amongst them, I can confirm that this initial impression was true. Well, it is actually way better than that.

So if you are contemplating whether to join us, I promise you it will enrich your life in ways that you cannot even foresee.

You will meet people that think like you, people that expand your horizons, people that support you no matter where you are in your writing journey and you will have a chance to re-shape your life.

But it does not end here. Yes you will be exposed to amazing writing, ideas and fellow creators. But ship30 also offers the best learning environment to understand and excel within the online creation realm. Cole, Dickie and Daniel have taught me all the basics about writing and shipping online.

The group calls and learning videos are packed full of value that will help you understand how to find your tribe online, never run out of ideas and become the creator that you are born to be.

I know these are big promises, and I would not have believed that this would be possible a year ago. But after I signed up for Ship 30, I decided to go all in. And it transformed me in so many ways.

I was able to clarify my thinking, find an audience and find my niche.

Signing up for Ship 30 is an investment in yourself. You give yourself permission to experiment with ideas, whether they are old ones or new ones. You accelerate your learning. You meet incredible people (I have made so many friends in this community last year, it is actually ridiculous!) and you will become a better writer in the process.

Ship30 challenges you to write daily and publish that writing. That process will force you to explore ideas close to you. But it will also provide you with feedback and that, for me, was the most important part to finding my niche.

I am the CEO of a non-profit and I love to workout. So I wrote about both. But it did not really connect with my audience.


Because although these things are important to me, I have nothing really unique to share.

So I reached out to my new online friends, what did they want to hear from me?

The answer was unanimous: tell us about the intersection of being a creator and a father (that is a father of five young kids with the sixth one en route...).

Now I share my processes and learnings of my online writing. And recently I gave myself permission to write fiction.

And the most surprising thing was that my fiction writing has been the most popular by far. So I will double down and write a whole short story as part of our next cohort. T

he reason I tell you all this is that you just never know where this journey will get you. But if you don't try, you will never find out!

Writing online has transformed my life. Join us and see what it can do for you!

If Tobi's story resonated with you, click here to hop aboard the next Ship 30 cohort.

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