How The Captain’s Table Helped Me Amass 2M Impressions, Create 300 Pieces Of Content, And Launch A Profitable Digital Product In 9 Months

Ultimate Guide Table of Contents

I wrote 781 days in a row but no one saw it publicly before the March Cohort of Ship 30 on March 11,2022.

I didn’t think anyone would read what I had to say. Why would they care? How would I be credible? I was just an ex-college athlete who got hurt every year. Two banger threads and daily writing 9 months later I had over 2 million views for the year, a profitable digital product that I gave away for free, and over 300 pieces of content. None of that happens without Ship30 and I probably quit after one month if I don’t join Captain’s Table.

There are three mental unlocks: every post is an uncashed lottery ticket. It’s an employee working for you while you sleep. There is no feeling like waking up to an email saying you got paid while you slept because of something you wrote. Before I was so worried that someone would send hate mail about what I wrote. Now I get responses from people bookmarking a thread from months ago thanking me for this nugget of gold.

You don’t know which thread or atomic essay is going to change someone’s life and then they DM you 6 months later. I had an athletic trainer completely change how he helps high school kids because of a thread I wrote before a football game. I’ve received hundreds of DMs because of my writing and I never DM’ed anyone before Ship30.

The magic of the CT community is the support. Everyone helps everyone level up. If I find out something that works and post it in the wins column, someone else can use it in their niche. There’s no gatekeeping or competition against good content. DM’s and Zoom calls with other shippers are superpowers because you get reps and understand what you can improve on through their work.

The most valuable part of Captain’s Table for me is the Outline as Content/ Lean Writing Method. This completely changed my workflow and I’ve used my notes from the mastermind replay almost daily since. Whenever I help someone else with their writing, I use that concept because I’ve never had something that makes it easier to batch 90 pieces of content and then squeeze all of the juice out of longform back into an atomic form. This alone would be worth the price of CT.

When I talk to Shippers who are on the fence on joining CT, it’s as simple as a Betty Crocker cake mix. You follow the instructions and do the work. Would you rather do that and have success because there’s hundreds of others on the same mission or do you want to suffer all of the mistakes yourself? I’d rather work with a giant team cheering me on and showing me the way.

Looking at the next year I have a specific plan to write more ultimate guides, flesh them out into ebooks, and create an online course. There’s a clear blueprint that I know works because it’s worked with other creators in CT. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, I can follow their breadcrumbs and help more people with running injuries from my writing.

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