I Delayed Joining the Captain's Table for 6 Months. Here's Why I Regret It

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After completing Ship 30 for 30 in January 2022, I was unsure about joining the Captain’s Table. I was in the middle of a work project that would not wrap-up until May. My worry was I would not have the time, so I joined in June.

My delay cost me results in my business.

Once inside the Captain’s Table I saw that the lessons are all broken down in small chunks. I could have spent 30-60 minutes a day on these and built my business with it while doing that huge project. By waiting until I had more time, I just delayed my own progress.

And the worst part? That very important work project that consumed so much of my time in spring of 2022? It ended up being tossed out by the client a couple of months later. Ouch!

What I learned inside the Captain’s Table is how I can provide value in a category that I design and own. So much has shifted and completely changed in the last few years, and its not enough to just shift with it anymore. A better approach is to start fresh with a new category and way of approaching problems and solutions.

It’s so rewarding to spend my days creating products to solve real problems for real people vs. rushing around to satisfy demands (that end up getting tossed). The lessons and tools inside the Captain’s Table helped me create faster and with confidence. I’m so glad I joined the Captain’s Table and look forward to seeing the continual upgrades each month.

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