Ship 30 for 30 Changed My Life. Here's How It Could Change Yours Too

Samantha Demers

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This sounds like a huge claim. And, for a skeptic like me, it is.

I don’t buy stuff online. I don’t sign up for courses. My mentality is, “I can do this on my own. I don’t need any ‘gurus’ to help me.”

On July 18, 2017 I quit my job.

The world was my oyster and I was going to make things happen. Create content, put myself out there and build a life I loved!

Except, I never did anything. As much as I had dreams, aspirations and ideas, I never created any content.

For four years.

I was scared. I felt like an impostor. I had nothing to say. No matter what I wrote, I thought it sounded stupid, cringy, silly and awkward. So I’d erase it, or save it in a note, but never (ever) hit publish.

I kept thinking “One day, I’ll be brave enough. One day I’ll figure out my niche, and THEN I’ll start creating. But not today.”

The truth is, that day never came.

Because I was still waiting for the impostor syndrome to go away. I was waiting for my niche to magically become clear. And I was waiting for my confidence to catch up with my ideas.

So, what changed?

To be honest, I got tired of waiting.

In early 2021, Ship 30 for 30 stumbled across my path. I clicked on the link and loved what I saw. But I didn’t love the idea of spending money. So I clicked off the page, determined to figure this out on my own.

A few days went by and this idea of joining Ship 30 for 30 kept coming back to mind. I went to the sign-up page and read the copy carefully.

  • “We help you get past your impostor syndrome”
  • “Quit over-editing and learn to publish!”
  • “Push past your fears and insecurities”

I don’t know why, but I had this strong sense that Ship 30 for 30 was special.

And even if it wasn’t, it didn’t seem like that high of a price to pay to (maybe?) get past my fears, insecurities, incredibly high impostor syndrome, and also connect with some cool people.

But I left the sales page again.

I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. It seemed foolish.

“What do they have that I can’t do on my own? I can do this! I’ll just tag along and write these essays without investing the money.”

A few hours later, I found myself back on the Ship 30 for 30 website, knowing full well that if I don’t take the plunge, and pay for this mysterious writing course and accountability community, there was no way I’d ever start writing online.

Because if I was going to start, I would have by then.

I took out my credit card, entered the information and clicked “Yes - I want this.”

It nearly killed me.

I always thought I could do things on my own. I can figure things out and reach my goals. That’s not wrong. I can do those things. And I also needed a big push to get through those giant mental blocks I had.

Here’s how my life has changed since signing up for Ship 30 for 30 in March 2021:

  • My Twitter following has grown to nearly 5,000 followers from a super old, dead account of 101 inactive followers
  • I’ve hosted 100+ Twitter Spaces - using the consistency and bravery I learned from Ship 30 for 30
  • I started writing my first book “The Creator’s Guide to Overcoming Impostor Syndrome”
  • I’ve been invited on podcasts, video live streams, been featured in newsletters and asked to speak as an authority since niching down
  • Unexpected income has come from cold DMs of people asking me to consult or coach them
  • Finally figured out my niche through a lot of experimenting and testing
  • Started leading a small group to encourage new creators on Twitter
  • And I’ve made (literally) the best friends in the world through the high caliber of people that Ship 30 for 30 attracts

Listen, I told you at the beginning that I’m a skeptic. I still am. And I can’t believe the trajectory that Ship 30 for 30 has set my life on.

  • Finding your niche isn’t going to magically appear.
  • Your impostor syndrome isn’t going to suddenly go away.
  • Your fears, self-doubt and loneliness as a new creator all won’t just disappear.

Ship 30 for 30 is worth it for the content, the leadership and the supportive community.

But most of all, it’s worth it for the confidence you get by participating.

Ship 30 for 30 didn’t magically show me my niche. It didn’t automatically make me a better writer. But it did give me the bravery to create content, to share my ideas and see where they would lead me.

Ship 30 for 30 gave me a great support system, new friends, and practical frameworks to improve my writing voice and style. It also helped me build the habit to start writing, to learn how to experiment and let go of my perfectionism, self-doubt and self-sabotage.

This is no word of a lie: Ship 30 for 30 changed my life. And it will change yours, too.

If Samantha's story resonated with you, click here to hop aboard Ship 30 for 30.

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