10 Months of Captain’s Table Helped Me Acquire More Writing Opportunities In Less Than 20 Years of Solopreneurship

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I joined Ship 30 for 30 in March 2022 after losing 100% of my tourism clients in March 2020. Also, as a freelance photographer, I went into survivor mode and applied to various significant sports and adventure events. I quickly learned that they were also affected by the pandemic.

The well ran dry, and I hopped on Twitter to research journalism and copywriting opportunities.

Ship 30 for 30 repeatedly showed up on my feed. I checked out the program but did not immediately hop on board. I was apprehensive about spending money. After a month of mental back-and-forth, I trusted my intuition.

I knew joining Ship 30 for 30 would change my writing career trajectory.

Since joining, I have learned digital writing and life skills that opened my mind and gained opportunities that would have taken much longer to acquire.

Ship 30 helped me gain:

  • Confidence with building in public.
  • Clarity about my mission as a writer and photographer.
  • Friends and colleagues through its immense community of digital writers.
  • Freelance writing and photography opportunities that improved my credibility.
  • Inspiration to start a photography and storytelling newsletter that will launch Q2/2023.
  • Tools to create my first-ever digital products for beginner photography skills and entrepreneurship that will launch in Q3/2023.

Writing and publishing daily provided the clear signals I needed to move in the right direction. The Captain’s Table community has played an essential role in this. Because of their responses, questions, and feedback, I learned to communicate more clearly in a compelling and easily understood way. I applied the knowledge from this interaction to communicating with potential freelance clients and collaborations.

Since March 2022, I have unlocked more opportunities in less time than my 20 years of solopreneurship. Here are a few:

  • Ghostwriting for three business owners.
  • Mentored a team of copywriters for a sustainable travel booking site.
  • Being asked to publish articles for an entrepreneur publication on Medium.
  • Photographed and published an article for a prestigious international sports event.
  • Asked to be a guest on three podcasts regarding entrepreneurship and photography.
  • Copywriting for a cycling clothing company after using cold-emailing tips from a Captain’s Table Mastermind.

After gaining momentum from these opportunities, I used my newfound confidence to reach out to more freelance prospects and industry leaders to strengthen my network, request testimonials, start a niche newsletter, and create digital products.

I repeatedly turn to Captain’s Table for deep dives to uplevel my continuous growth. For example, I learned much from the Captain’s Table Headline Mastery. This alone made my Ship 30 journey an unforgettable experience!

Writing compelling headlines helped me get in the door with the opportunities I have gained since March 2022.

My big takeaway from joining Captain’s Table is that its value far exceeds what you pay for the program. Also, the Ship 30 team’s genuine effort to help you at every step of your journey is fantastic.

I have also been inspired to volunteer as a Shipper Success Squad Member since April 2022 to support new Shippers during their cohort. I am proud to see many who have joined Captain’s Table launch newsletters, digital products, and eBooks to earn enough money to quit their 9-5 jobs.

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