How Ship 30 Helped Me Find a Community, Stop Lurking and Share My Unique Message With the World

Craig Lamar

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It’s amazing what you stumble across when you put what you want to do out there. 

When you trust yourself enough to share your vision. 

When you decide to participate rather than just lurk on the edges.

That’s where I was 18 months ago. Stumbling around with my idea of becoming a Creator. Lurking around the edges of opportunities but never really participating. 

During this Stumbling phase I discovered Tribal Leader Matt Ragland and Power Productivity

Then Matt invited Dickie and Cole, creators of Ship 30 for 30 to share their vision of a community of creators who write every day. Not only write but publish and support each other. Teaching and learning together. Becoming a creator by doing. 

MyCreator told me immediately this is what he needed

  • Community: Others around the world🌍 who shared a passion to write about life and experiences yet didn't know where to begin. 
  • Leadership: Learning the ropes🥨 from someone who is already there doing it everyday. 
  • Vision: Leaders who dreamed of the concept of thousands of others joining together to publish and share, not just read and hoard and lurk on the edges. 
  • Trust: Trust that when I put my unique message out there, Ship 30 for 30 shares it to connections throughout the world. 
  • Unique: By writing and publishing every day I learn to clarify, distill and publish the essence of my unique message. 

Why did I join? Why do I stay? 

It’s not for money💲, although I am intrigued🤔 how others are monetizing their unique messages to create a stream of income. 

It’s not for fame📚. I know I will never be a Hemingway or a James Clear. 

It’s much simpler than that. 

My why is inspiring one other person. Knowing that by publishing my unique message every day it may resonate with one other person who is dedicated to being all that they can be on their life journey.

Why should you join? 

18 months ago I was lurking and hiding. I was uninspired. 

A few months later I’ve published over 80 Atomic Essays. Jan 2022 a new ship is launching and I am going to be on it. If you are ready to move from lurking around the edges to being all that you can be, then join Ship 30 for 30. It will change your life.

If Craig's story resonated with you, click here to hop aboard Ship 30 for 30.

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