How The Captain’s Table Corrected My Mistakes and Catapulted My Digital Wellness & Ghost Writing Businesses

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While I started my wellness practice in 2018 after resigning as Head of Marketing for Panasonic Healthcare, it wasn’t until joining Captain’s Table in 2022 that I learned the most impactful way to communicate & connect with my audience. And this is how businesses grow.

I knew that I should stay true to my voice and resonate with my community’s pain points. But I kept making these 3 writing and business mistakes that were holding me back from sustained success:

Mistake 1: Looking to other “successful” creators’ approaches for guidance

  • Why it’s wrong: Instead of delivering my perspectives in a true & meaningful way, I would instead format my messaging based on how they were formatting. Not only did it not feel like me, but it also wasn’t smart digital writing, and I didn’t even know it.
  • How Captain’s Table helped: While Ship30 taught me how to write, format, and publish consistently, it was Captain’s Table that helped me nail down my individual niche, superpower, solution, and voice. Having these 4 critical elements has not only made me more clear about my business, but also more excited & less confused! My community has become more engaged than ever because I’m finally confident in my unique purpose and how to deliver it.

Mistake 2: Falling victim to Digital Asset Overload

  • Why it’s wrong: While I did create digital assets based on what I was hearing from my clients and community, if I only had 3-4 sign ups during a launch, I would create an ENTIRELY NEW ASSET from scratch! From eBooks to legit entire courses, I wasted time building way too many offers instead of sticking to one and nailing it.
  • How Captain’s Table helped: With Captain’s Table, Dickie & Cole showed me that by offering one core program, and delivering it several times per year, I would become known as the leader in my industry for having the solution for that most desired outcome taught inside my signature program. Captain’s Table also taught me not only how to put together impactful resource downloads and eBooks, but also how to sell them! Where I was once delivering all downloads as free lead generators, I now have a new revenue stream in purchasable digital books!

Mistake 3: I believed I wasn’t growing fast enough, so I pressed pause on my dream

  • Why it’s wrong: Because I made $5,000-$7,000 in my first couple years of business, I felt that I wasn’t successful enough to keep my wellness practice going and grow it into something more profitable than a 9-5 job. So I went back to corporate marketing to have a reliable salary, only to be laid off 16 months later. Not so reliable, was it? If this is not proof that working for someone else’s dream is not sustainable, I don’t know what is.
  • How Captain’s Table helped: I’m encouraged by the weekly wins shared by the CT group both in the Circle Community and the Weekly Mastermind Calls. These not only serve as inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and proof in the process, but our fellow Captains also share EVERY DETAIL in their success stories! This is online business gold.

Since joining Captain’s Table, I:

  • Nailed my niche
  • Increased my average monthly impressions by 504%!!!\
  • June 2022: 4.6K impressions
  • December 2022: 27.8K impressions
  • Doubled my following
  • June 2022: 302 followers
  • January 2023: 606 followers
  • Launched a 30-day challenge with 10 paid clients
  • Welcomed 2 new private coaching clients without pitching 1:1 services
  • Increased my revenue potential by limitless amounts
  • Revived my weekly newsletter (the right way)
  • Helped 30 fellow Shippers with their Shipping
  • Began pitching my ghost writing services
  • And so much more

Most people feel lost, defeated, and broken when getting laid off–whether in today’s economy or not. Not me. Because of the Captain’s Table, I am legit filled with hope, vigor, and a proven strategy to make my personal businesses (yes, multiple!) run on my own, and change people’s lives.

And that’s honestly what I think we were put on this planet to do.

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