LearnWorlds vs Podia: Is One of These Creator Platforms Better Than the Other? 

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Are you looking to uncover the difference between LearnWorlds vs Podia as you start your course/community creation journey? You’ve come to the right place - we’re going to unpack all the details in this complete guide.

Your expertise and knowledge are valuable - but you’re only able to monetize them as well as the platform you use allows. You shouldn’t be hindered by the platform you’re creating on. The good news is that whether you go with Podia vs LearnWorlds, you can rest assured you’re setting yourself up for success as a creator. 

With that said, only one of these is the ideal creator platform for you. So, which is it? While LearnWorlds is the more expensive choice, it offers a host of capabilities that Podia does not - while creating a more expansive web-building experience. On the other hand, Podia helps creators enjoy greater profitability at a lower price point and with no fees on paid plans

Below, we’ll compare and contrast each platform’s plans, features, and prices to help you make the most ideal decision as a creator. By the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll be ready to take action and start creating!

Breaking Down Plans & Pricing for LearnWorlds vs Podia

Before we begin comparing LearnWorlds vs Podia side by side, we want to set the stage for the remainder of this conversation with a quick breakdown of the plans/pricing for each platform. Let’s start with LearnWorlds.

What is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is a platform for creators to create, sell, and promote online courses. It’s one of the many different platforms in which you can turn your skills, experience, and audience into a source of income. 

What makes LearnWorlds really unique is the actual web-building process. You have access to more than 400 different templates which are categorized by industry. This means creating a professional, on-brand website for your community is as quick and easy as possible. Another way in which LearnWorlds stands out is with a mobile app - so your students can take their learning on the go in a far more intuitive way. 

There are four different plans available for creators looking to get started on LearnWorlds:

  • Starter $24/month with a $5 fee/course sale: You get a limited website builder and a custom domain to sell your courses, eBooks, and 1-on-1 or group sessions. You can leverage exams/quizzes and drip course content. Monetizing your expertise is easy with 4 different payment gateways, flexible checkout options, and coupons. You have access to basic integrations and 24 hour email support five days a week.
  • Pro Trainer $79/month: This plan offers unlimited free and paid courses, a customizable course player, assessments & certificates, live classes and webinars, and more. The website builder is far more complete and you can build surveys too, Meanwhile, you can grow your revenue through pop-ups, subscriptions/memberships, and payment installments. You can also have up to 5 admins/instructors and manage affiliates at this tier. Integrations are more advanced, priority support is included on weekends, and you gain access to the LearnWorlds Acadamy to set yourself up for success.
  • Learning Center $249/month: Quite the step up in terms of price, but you get what you pay for. Now, you can skyrocket the learning experience with interactive videos, auto-transcripts/subtitles, advanced assessments, Zoom & Webex accounts, and unlimited SCORMS/HTML 5. You get full white-labeling of your academy along with an iOS or Android App. You also get more insightful reporting of students, 20 custom user roles, bulk user actions, API integration, and webhooks. What’s more, you get premium onboarding to help you set off on the right foot.
  • High-Volume/Corporate: For enterprise clients, you can rely on this plan to train employees or build an online school. Pricing options are tailored to you and you will enjoy flexible invoicing. Uptime is rated at 99.9% and the premium cloud servers are backed up multiple times a day. You also get a dedicated customer support manager at this level.

There’s a lot that goes into each of these plans, but you didn’t necessarily come here to learn the ins and outs of LearnWorlds - you want to know whether you should choose LearnWorlds vs Podia. So with that said, let’s introduce the other half of this discussion.

What is Podia?

If unpacking LearnWorlds was a bit overwhelming for you, then take a deep breath and relax. You’re going to love Podia. This course creation and community management platform is far more simple. But, that’s not to say that Podia is bare bones or leaves much to be desired in terms of features. This is still a sophisticated solution for creators to sell all sorts of digital products.

One thing that stands out with Podia is the fact that you can start building for free. Podia’s free plan includes a website, online community creation tools, and of course, a digital download and coaching product. You only pay an 8% fee on sales - so you only incur costs as you make money! 

But chances are you’ll outgrow this plan rapidly. At that point, you’ll move onto either the Mover or Shaker plan - which are billed at $33 and $75 respectively. But what are you paying for exactly? Both plans include the basics to start your journey as a creator. And, everything is unlimited on each plan - so you don’t have to stress about rising costs as you scale! 

That includes your online storefront with the ability to sell online courses, digital downloads, and webinars. You can leverage email marketing tools and integrated messaging to communicate with students or customers, integrated payment processing, instant payouts, and 7-days-a-week live chat support (along with detailed video resources). 

You’ll enjoy zero transaction fees regardless of which plan you’re on. And, you can get free migrations with an annual plan. On either plan, you can add a team member with a defined custom user role for just $20/month per member. 

With the Mover Plan, you’ll gain access to features like quizzes, drip course content, pre-sell opportunities, and the ability to bundle offers. For many creators, this is more than enough to hit the ground running. 

However, the Shaker plan takes things a step further by giving you the ability to sell memberships, create a blog, embed purchase buttons on your own site, affiliate marketing opportunities, and support for 3rd part code snippets (Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics, for example). 

Podia vs LearnWorlds: Comparing & Contrasting Each Platform to Help You Choose the Right One

At this point you should have a basic understanding of the different plans offered on Poda vs LearnWorlds, the costs associated with each plan, and what is possible for you as a creator on each plan. However, we’re going to take this conversation a bit further by comparing and contrasting each platform side by side to help you make the right choice. Let’s start by comparing Podia’s Mover Plan vs LearnWorld’s Starter Plan

Podia’s Mover Plan vs LearnWorld’s Starter Plan

While Podia’s Mover Plan appears to be the more expensive plan at $33/month compared to LearnWorld’s Starter Plan at $24/month, that’s only the case until you sell two courses. Because LearnWorlds takes a $5 chunk out of each course sale on their Starter Plan, your profits are quickly eaten into at this tier. If you sell more than 2 courses, you’re better off with the Mover Plan - which has no additional fees.

Beyond pricing, what are some of the key takeaways from Podia vs LearnWorlds in this tier comparison? On Podia’s Mover Plan, you can sell more than just courses - you can create digital downloads and memberships for your students. 

However, on LearnWorld’s Starter Plan, you have access to far more interactive course creation capabilities. That includes pop-ups and hotspots within the actual course that can enhance the learning experience for students. And, this plan unlocks the ability to use certificates and badges - giving students tangible credit for completing courses.

Podia’s Shaker Plan vs LearnWorld’s Pro Trainer Plan

In comparing Podia vs LearnWorlds at this higher tier, it’s once again evident that Podia is the more affordable choice at $75/month compared to $79/month. However, it’s fair to say that the features you gain access to with the Pro Trainer plan are far more extensive. 

For example, LearnWorld’s Pro Trainer plan unlocks more sophisticated course creation features like gamification, interactive video options, quizzes, and more. A few examples of this at play are the ability to add interactive buttons and text right into your e-books or videos. 

And, you have far more advanced analytics reporting in LearnWorld’s - helping you track not just course performance, but identify areas of improvement. You can segment users with ease, too, and create scheduled reports so you never miss a thing.

On the other hand, Podia focuses on ease of use and simplicity - some creators will actually prefer this. All the capabilities you have in LearnWorld’s can be a bit overwhelming if all you want to do is grow a community and sell courses with as little effort as possible.  

So, Which Platform is Right For Me: Podia vs LearnWorlds?

The fact of the matter is that both Podia and LearnWorlds have their unique advantages over one another. It really just comes down to your specific goals as a creator and your unique community. 

LearnWorlds is focused on empowering educators, professional trainers, and companies to teach online. You’re set up with all the tech and tools you need to create an intuitive, one-of-a-kind learning experience for your students, customers, or employees. 

We didn’t talk about it much because we didn’t compare LearnWorld’s Learning Center Plan to anything that Podia offers - but at this tier, you’ll gain access to your very own app for your online school. This is a powerful feature for creators that can justify this higher-priced plan.

While individual creators and small-scale businesses can still leverage the power of LearnWorlds, it’s fair to say that the little guys are better suited with Podia. It’s more affordable and allows you to offer more products - like digital downloads and webinars - which aren’t available on LearnWorlds. 

Podia is also simpler and more straightforward than LearnWorlds. This is best illustrated through the Creator Friendliness score. While Podia is among the most elite in this rating with 90.91, the complexity of LearnWorlds earned the platform a mere 76.62. If you’re not the most tech-savvy individual, there is a clear winner in the Podia vs LearnWorlds debate based on this factor alone.

At the end of the day, you’re able to start or grow a thriving online education or info products business on either LearnWorlds vs Podia. Just ask what features matter most to you in a platform:

  • Podia: Affordability, Ease of Use, and Product Offerings
  • LearnWorlds: Scalability, Tech, and Advanced Features

From there, it’s easy to see which platform is right for you. With that being said, it’s time to bring our Learnworlds vs Podia comparison to a close.

Bringing Our LearnWorlds vs Podia Comparison to a Close

We’ve taken the time to fully explain the key differences between LearnWorlds vs Podia to help you make the right decision as you start your journey as a creator. 

In summary, LearnWorlds is as sophisticated and scalable as it gets. This platform serves enterprise clients and creators that crave more control over how they design their site itself, courses, and analytics. While this may be an advantage to some users, other creators appreciate the affordability and simplicity of Podia - especially when first starting out. 

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either platform - but maybe neither of these is right for you! We encourage you to expand your search for the perfect course creation platform by reading our comparison guides on Podia vs Kajabi, Podia vs Teachable, Circle vs Tribe, Podia vs Thinkific, Mighty Networks vs Kajabi, Thinkific vs Kajabi, or Circle vs Mighty Networks

Once you determine whether you’re best suited with Podia vs LearnWorlds or some other platform, we hope you take action and start creating - because that’s really what matters most! Don’t let information overload prevent you from getting started.

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