The 28 Most-Read Digital Writing Posts Of 2022

Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole

Ultimate Guide Table of Contents

2022 was one heck of a voyage.

  • 9,236 YouTube subscribers
  • 58,000+ newsletter subscribers
  • Over 175 million impressions on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • More than 5,600 people started their Digital Writing journey with us

None of this would have even been possible without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for joining, for subscribing, and for showing up week after week.

We are raising the sails and setting out for adventure in 2023. But before we leave the harbor and close “the ship’s log” from 2022, we wanted to share a list of our epic journeys so you can find our most valuable posts on Digital Writing in one place.

Let’s dive in.

Digital Writing 101

19 Powerful Writing Tips

The 5 Pillars Of Digital Writing

A 3-Minute Daily Writing Habit

How To Write A Book In 30 Days

How To Make $100,000+ Per Year

5 Rules For Writing Contagious Content

How To Generate 100 Ideas In 30 Minutes

The 8 Best Storytelling Threads On Twitter

6 Frameworks That Will Make Writing Easy

How To Upgrade Your Descriptive Adjectives

5 Steps To Make Your First Million As A Writer

The Yearly Review: An In-Depth Reflection Guide

20 Copywriting Tips You Should Hang On Your Wall

7 Dead-Simple Steps To Build A Daily Writing Habit

30 Ideas You Can Write About In The Next 30 Days

7 Twitter Thread Templates For Writing Viral Threads

5 Morning Journaling Prompts That Will Change You Life

7 Sales Copy Sentences Responsible for $10M+ In Sales

3 Quick Writing Tips That Will Save You Hundreds Of Hours

The 6 Best Daily Writing Routines From 500 Legendary Writers

8 Legendary Books On Marketing, Positioning, And Copywriting

3 Dead-Simple Steps To Edit Your Writing In 10 Minutes Or Less

The 3-Part Rapid Growth Framework (That You Can Use On Any Platform)

6 Proven Ways To Craft A First Sentence (That Hooks Your Reader Right Away)

Best Of 2022 Curation: Books, Podcasts, Newsletters, Habits, Travels, And More

7 Proven Steps To Build A Valuable Skill, Quit Your Job, And Join The Creator Economy

Justin Welsh’s Framework For Turning Readers Into Paying Customers (Without Being Salesy)

Happy 2023!

Cheers to fair winds and following seas!

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